Curriculum Vitae

Born 1978 in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Lives and works in Klaipeda, Lithuania


2000 – 2003  MA studies at UNESCO Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Chair, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts.
1996 – 2000  BA studies at Department of Fresco and Mosaics, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts.
1997 – 1999  Vilnius School of Industry and Crafts, Photography diploma.



2011  “Deconstructions”, “Prospekto” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2011  “Streets of Arles”, Panevezys Photography Gallery, Panevezys, Lithuania;
2008  “Photomosaics”, SiauliaiArtGallery, Siauliai, Lithuania;
2006  “Mutations of Industrial Imperialism”, “Baroti” gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania;
2004  “Bronislava Dream, Bronius Vine and me”, “Raina” gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania;




2011  “Dezintegracija 1212“ Video art festival, Klaipeda, Lithuania;
2010  “Reparatio” Contemporary art project, Siauliai, Lithuania;
2010  “The visual heritage of Lithuania” Photography exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2009  “Me + City = Movie” Video art festival, Panevezys, Lithuania;
2009  “Dezintegracija 333“ Video art festival, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Lithuania;
2009  Photography project “NON stop: 90.66”, Klaipeda photography gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania;
2008  “REDline” International contemporary art project, Porto, Portugal;
2008  “NOASSVIDEOISLAND”, Contemporary Culture Forum WHITE NIGHT, Riga, Latvia;
2008  “Spacemission – flight into fiction” Contemporary art project, Salzburg, Austria;
2007  „Fotoparastes“ International photography project, SiauliaiUniversity art gallery, Siauliai, Lithuania;
2006-2007  International contemporary art  biennale “Young European creators”, Montrouge (France), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Salzburg (Austria), Genuja (Italy), L‘Hospitalet (Spain), Amarante (Portugal);
2006  International photography project “Erozija”, group exhibition “Restart”, Klaipeda Culture communication centre, Klaipeda, Lithuania;
2004  “Erozija” – International photography project, Klaipeda Art Exhibition Hall, Klaipeda, Lithuania.




2011  “Lithuanian Photography: Yesterday and Today / 11” compiled by A. Aleksandravicius, Lithuanian Photography Fund, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2010  “Lithuanian Photography: Yesterday and Today / 10” compiled by A. Aleksandravicius, Lithuanian Photography Fund, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2010  “Ideal Perspective Trics” compiled by K. Sapoka, Art Creators Union, Lithuania;
2009  “NON stop: 90.66”, exhibition catalogue, Klaipeda, Lithuania;
2008  “Closed”, project catalogue, LNO, Klaipeda, Lithuania;
2006  “Jeune Creation Europeenne”, contemporary art  biennale catalogue, Montrouge, France.